Getting Lost

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Back with a bang, it’s the latest entry in’s “Getting Lost” video series. This week, just hours after Sayid put a bullet in Young Ben, I spoke to 13-year-old Sterling Beaumon about his pivotal character’s fate. Is Ben dead? And regardless, are there ramifications for the castaways’ future? Give a listen to Beaumon’s take.

Also in this episode of Getting Lost:

• Many of you have pointed out the conspicuous absence of one Dharma member. Find out if that MIA individual is returning anytime soon.
• I’ve got your best theories as to why Sun and Ben crashed versus flashed.
• And this week’s burning question comes with an added twist — a tiny hint from Elizabeth Mitchell.

Source: TV Guide

Latest From Ausiello – Casting News

Here is his IMDB page. Thanks to Mrs. H. for the heads up.

 Dexter alum Mark Pellegrino has been cast on Lost in a pivotal role Latest from Ausiello - Casting NewsFact: Dexter alum Mark Pellegrino has been cast on Lost in a pivotal role, multiple sources confirm to me exclusively.

Unconfirmed scuttlebutt: He’s playing Jacob in an off-island, circa ’70s flashback involving some very familiar faces!

More unconfirmed scuttlebutt: One of those familiar faces is *a****!

Source: EW